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SMS Services

Bulk SMS is an effective marketing tool, suitable for all businesses from all industries. Aarush sms is mainly a bulk SMS service provider across all networks available in India.

Our aim is to generate consistent leads for by promotional SMS services and transactional sms services. We stand by our efficiency, provide best SMS service and our prices are unbeatable.

Flexible and powerful API SMS Gateway, Instant set up of the account and price is less than one can think off.

SMS Types:-

  • Promotional SMS
  • Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS

Message gets delivered to DND & Non-DND Numbers both
The service is applicable 24x7x365 days
Six Character Sender ID
The templates with 70% of Static Content and 30% Variables

Promotional SMS

Promotional Bulk SMS can be ONLY sent on NON-DND Numbers
DND Numbers list can be extracted and will not be charged
The service is applicable 9AM to 9PM
It works with 6 digits Numeric Sender ID